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Chaos or Stability

Welcome to 2020! We’ve already survived the month of January, and the church is still alive and well. As I write this, it appears that the world has erupted into chaos; the impeachment process lumbers along, the gears of upheaval continue to grind away at the United Methodist Church as the terms of the Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation briefly made national headlines, and of course, we are now living with the uncertainties of the coronavirus that has burst into everyone’s awareness with the accompanying fears of worldwide pandemics.

Where’s the good news amid all this doom and gloom? The good news is that while we live in uncertain times, we continue to serve a timeless, eternally loving God. The good news is that God is unchanging, as the author of Hebrews states “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever”, and that Holy Spirit continues to guide us and comfort us.

You may have noticed that I’m not one of those golden throated pastors who can charm wild beasts with his musical gifts. In fact, shortly after I was appointed to my first three-point charge in Tennessee, the District Superintendent called to suggest that during the hymns I might consider turning off the microphone and singing silently to myself for the glory of God. In short, I can’t carry a tune, even if it’s in a bucket.

My lack of musical talent in no way diminishes my love of the old hymns, and in challenging times like the ones we currently live I find myself going back to the oldies such as Leaning on the Everlasting Arms. We live in times when it is comforting to remember that we can indeed lean on the everlasting arms, “safe and secure from all alarms”.

It is good to know that when the state of the world seems to be made of sinking sand, seemingly going from bad to worse, that we can depend on Christ our solid rock. Take heart, amid chaos and confusion, God is still present and available to provide wisdom and guidance.

May God’s Spirit bless and guide you as we move through February towards Lent.

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